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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gideon Yago On The Street And Project Jay In Yaffa Cafe

An overweight woman was walking toward me on the street, and I was coming at her, too. I had the option meandering around the mini-fenced, dirt bed of a thin tree, or to follow the path right next to hers, stepping neighbor to where her wide feet would land. I chose to get near; by walking close to her, I've decided, I can compliment her: city walrus, it's O.K. if your arm brushes mine because you don't disgust me.

Passing the movie theater next to Webster Hall and, in turn, a slew of girls in layered outfits, Tamara growled, "That NYU girl did not need to walk that close to me."
"Maybe she's just saying you're not gross." That NYU girl would be right.


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